Debate: 5 reasons why teens should have social media | Estella Tong – Grade 8

social media taiwan students teens Should teenagers be allowed to use so much social media?
  • Social media apps make communicating with others easier
  • They’re extremely convenient
  • They make it easy to keep track of your favorite stars

This article is Part 1 of an important debate regarding social media usage among teens. See Part 2 for why social media is a negative influence.

As smartphones become more and more common, companies have designed many social media apps to make people’s lives easier. Teenagers are more likely to have their own phones, and like to download apps with or without parental consent. They have started using different kinds of social media to communicate with others or go through friends’ posts. They use it for fun sometimes, but other times, they communicate with others. These apps are more than just fun, they also make communicating with others easier. So, teenagers should have social media as long as they use it properly.

1. We can get ideas from people around the world

Sometimes when teens get bored, they might want to make projects or food to be creative. So they might go on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, or Pinterest to show their work. This helps teenagers relax from school pressure and do what they like at the same time. Other times, teenagers will want to decorate their rooms or clean up dirty clothes and other things but don’t know where to start. With social media, they can find “life hacks” on Youtube or other forums.

2. You can communicate with friends from different places

Communicating through social media with others is very convenient and common nowadays. Not only do adults communicate this way, but also kids can communicate with friends all over the world using social media. If you know a friend that is in another country and want to communicate with them for free, you can follow them on social media and send texts to them. Some social media platforms may even let you let you video chat for free too. It is really convenient and useful since you can even send messages to friends from the other end of the world without leaving your seat.

3. Keep track of celebrities and idols

On their own social media accounts, teenagers like to post things they like in pop culture and share with friends. Famous models, actors, musicians, and lots of other famous people may also have a social media account. Teenagers might be curious about their life or want to know more about them, so teens will follow their idols on social media, to know where their idols are or like their posts. It is really handy and you can keep track of your favorite stars easily.

4. Discuss homework with classmates without calling each other

School kids often have to do group projects as homework. However, not all kids can go to each others’ homes, so they might call each other and discuss their work. However, it might cost a lot of money to use the phone, and you can’t see what your partner’s process is. Also, your teammates might not always answer the call immediately, or can’t answer their phone especially in some important occasions like during a class. So, kids might use social media to discuss their projects. This way, they can save money and can send photos of their work to their teammates.

5. Teens should learn to deal with the outside world

Sometimes, teenagers might face problems like bullying or privacy when using social media. Then, they will ask adults to help. Teenagers should start learning how to deal with social problems. For example, sometimes teens will see others posting bad things about them or others. They might comment mean things below, which might cause internet bullying and other problems. If teenagers break the law, they must take responsibility on their own instead of always asking adults for help. So by using social media, kids can learn to deal with internet bullying and other posts that might be offensive.

Smartphones have made life easier for everyone, and so has social media. Teenagers should have the right to use social media as long as they use it properly. Parents should understand why teenagers want to have social media and respect their right to use it.

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