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Learning a new language requires a huge investment of time, but it doesn’t necessarily cost much money. Simply downloading an app on your smartphone can be your unlimited access pass to the world of languages. Woodpecker, which is an app invented by Woodpecker Learning allows language learners to acquire a foreign language naturally by watching tons of videos created for native speakers.

How it works

Here’s a brief introduction about how it works:

  1. Learning at your fingertips: click any word to find out its English definition, Chinese translation, pronunciation, part of speech, sample sentence, and much more information. This function supports not only resources in the app but also any article or website on the net.
  2. It has subtitled channels, videos, series, short clips, and playlists which are classified in various topics.
  3. The app supports people studying English and people studying Chinese
  4. Words clicked are recorded and can be exported into flashcards or vocabulary lists.

Do it on your own

For senior high students who want to improve English on their own, Woodpecker is just the right app to help reach their target. There are many language-learning apps worldwide; however, Woodpecker is remarkable. Here’s why:

  1. According to research, “the immersion method” is one of the most powerful English learning methods. Science indicates that learning in such a natural way helps people think like a native and changes how your brain works, similar to how a baby acquires a language. Unlike many other language-learning apps which start from grammar patterns and vocabulary memorizing, Woodpecker provides huge resources to watch TV shows and YouTube channels. Even if you don’t understand the words, you’re learning patterns without even realizing it.
  2. I used to switch to a translator or dictionary app to find out what a word means. Now that I’ve downloaded Woodpecker, simply clicking on a word gives me the meaning of it. It’s so efficient and doesn’t interrupt my thoughts when watching videos. Most importantly, it supports any video and web page online, so reading news or journals in a foreign language is no longer a problem!
  3. So many videos! Clips in Woodpecker are classified into different categories including music, entertainment, education, traveling, and so on. They allow users to turn on bilingual subtitles and also tap the “back one sentence” button to train listening and pick up tones and accents native speakers use.
  4. Many useful apps show advertisements to make money which really annoys people. The dictionary in Woodpecker is capable of being used offline and has no ads. It’s really user-friendly this way.

You are probably convinced that Woodpecker is the best choice for learning a language, however, are you wondering how much such a beneficial app would cost? The answer is: nothing! It’s totally free. So why not just download the app right away to improve English skills effortlessly?

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