Op-Ed – Why Taiwan needs renewable energy: Carson Hu – Grade 9

taiwan powerplant renewable energy Fossil fuel plants like this are highly detrimental to Taiwan's environment.

Taiwan needs to stop using non-renewable energy; it has polluted the environment, cost tons of money, and is still not “renewable”. We should use things that can be reused, shouldn’t we ?

Non-renewable energy is the current way Taiwan is powered. The government built coal power plants here in the 20th century, a time when nobody really cared about long term development.

These coal gobbling plants started to appear in Taiwan, burning mountains and mountains of coal, causing the air to be polluted and acid rain to fall from the sky. People became ill and buildings were damaged. At this point officials began to realize things had gotten out of control. They began regulating and building cleaner power plants, but the damage had already been done.

Coal is carbon locked away for millions of years, but when we burn it, we release it all back into the air. In this process, carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases are produced. These gases are the main reason for global warming.

The severe effects can be seen on the daily news. Sea levels are rising, species are going extinct, typhoons are stronger and more frequent. The cost will only rise if we keep using fossil fuels.

Green energy is helpful for protecting the environment. It draws energy from less polluting sources.With these power sources includes solar, water, wind, and more.

Developing renewable energy will cost billions of dollars, but harming the environment will cost us much more. Also building new infrastructure can create job opportunities for people. The more people are employed the safer society is. All of this can make our island more comfortable for human living.

We need renewable energy and we should start now, when it is still not too late. People should participate in environmental issues and do the best we can to protect our island from environmental harm.

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