How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse: Irvin Fang – Grade 7

zombie-apocalypse Cute drawing of a zombie apocalypse by Irvin Fang

Have you ever wondered if one day zombies could appear in our cities and start eating and killing people, causing a zombie apocalypse? Want to know how to fight off zombies and be the hero? Or do you just want to hide and be safe until the apocalypse is over? No matter which type of person you are, here are some useful tips for you to use when you need to survive a zombie apocalypse. Good luck!

Gather supplies

The first and most important tip is to gather supplies. Don’t think that stealing is bad, because all your neighbors will be rushing to the nearest supermarket and putting all the food and supplies in their bags. If you don’t hurry up, you’ll be starving to death during the apocalypse. So be as fast as you can, go to a supermarket and get these things: a flashlight, some batteries, dry food, water, clothes, shampoo, bodywash, a small signaling mirror, sleeping bags, your phone and a charger, a compass, a palm-sized first aid kit, binoculars, a swiss army knife or multitool, lighter, matches, and tools (hammers, nails, etc).

If you are able to grab a vehicle, especially a car, pack all your stuff in there and drive away immediately to a safe area and stay there until help has arrived.

Arm yourself

Another useful tip is to gather a lot of weapons so you can protect yourself when zombies are attacking you. Get a hand gun or machine gun, a machete, and some grenades or explosives. That way you can fight off zombies and help out other people. With more people helping, the apocalypse will end faster.

Know your environment

When you fight zombies, you have to know which terrain you are fighting in. For example, when fighting in a swamp, you can lure the zombies into quicksand and drown them. Another example is the forest. There are a lot of  trees and holes in the forest, making it good to set traps. When zombies want to come and eat you up, they will first fall into the traps you set up, giving them a big surprise. So know your environment, in order to be sure that zombies will stay away from your area.

Take the high ground

Make sure that when you are fighting off zombies it is better for you to be on high ground, because it will be harder for them to climb up to you. Even though zombies have brains, they aren’t thinking about anything, so they can only walk or run straight in a line. Thus you can set up traps on the road in front of your safe hiding place and one way or another, the zombies will continuously be trapped or blown up.


When you meet a big horde of zombies, don’t panic, for here are some useful tips that will help you survive. If you have a team of people, find a pickup truck and get inside the back of it. Once inside, make as many loud noises as you can to draw the zombies toward you. Like the Pied Piper, you will draw a huge pack of zombies toward you, then, snipers in the back of the truck can shoot them down one by one when the truck is driving. The pursuing ghouls will not notice that their comrades are being taken down. Then you will continue to lead them down the road until none of them are left.

So remember these tips, for when the zombie apocalypse comes, you will be ready.

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