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Taiwanese students in school uniforms

High school students in Taiwan always wear uniforms. This has been a tradition for decades, a tradition that annihilates students’ self-esteem, a tradition that should be completely deleted.

First, schools are already prison. Schools use classrooms to restrain students, take away their freedom, prohibit items unnecessary for learning, and even monitor what kids can eat. Wearing a uniform only adds insult to injury. Students are not criminals; they should not be restrained like animals. People say” students are the future” – shouldn’t we treat them like they deserve?

Also, schools often have two sets of uniforms. One is for normal classes; another one is for Physical Education class. Students are not allowed to wear PE uniforms when entering the school, so it is inconvenient because students will have to pack their PE uniforms in their backpacks on PE days. Students are also not allowed to wear the PE uniforms in normal classes, although they are way more comfortable.

What’s more, schools use uniforms as a way to take total control over students and turn themselves into dictatorships. They will first punish those who do not care about uniforms and wear whatever they want. When they have these students out of the way, the will start to brainwash the weak minds. Slowly, everyone will believe that schools are always right. The school will then move on to taking over the world.

Moreover, bribery is very popular in Taiwan and uniforms are a big industry. Since uniforms mostly are sold in schools and a large sum of students buy their uniforms from the school, this means that a magnificent amount of money is involved. Therefore, companies will try to bribe schools into giving them business. If Taiwan wants to deal with bribery, stop making students wear uniforms.

Furthermore, students in Taiwan already have too much stress. Hours of class, cram school, and school work, are things they need to deal with every day. The pressure inside students will eventually explode, and it will be disastrous. We need to stop giving students so much pressure.

Students in Taiwan are already hard working, but they still have to put up with nonsense. Health problems will start to will start to appear, both physically or mentally. This uniform garbage is baloney and it needs to stop.

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  1. Great article! I recently returned to Taiwan from a trip to Boracay in the Philippines. Surprisingly, the uniforms in even the poorest parts of the city near Kalibo looked much better than the uniforms issued to Taiwanese students. Why can’t Taiwanese students have proper uniforms at least, white and navy or black, slacks, button up shirts, dresses.. these look far more professional and might make students feel less like “prisoners” too.

    Thanks for highlighting this issue Raymond!

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