Restaurant Review: Miss Green Vegan Food – Lily Chen, Grade 8

Address: No. 143, Wenchang St, Da’an District, Taipei City, 106

Miss Green is a vegan restaurant on Wen Chang Street in Da’an district. It was pretty small, but the food was good and the décor was very special.

Miss Green opened in April, 2014. The owner said she opened this restaurant because she is vegan, and she thinks being healthy is very important for people. When we talked to her, she emphasized that every ingredient in Miss Green is organic and healthy. Also, she told us why she named the restaurant “Miss Green”. “Miss” means that the owner is an unmarried girl. “Green” means that every thing in the restaurant is organic and has no harm to the earth; she also wants to tell everyone to help protect the Earth by doing something, for example: riding a bike instead of driving or recycling and reusing things.

The most important thing about this restaurant is that there is no meat, no eggs, and no milk. For example, the burger we ordered, the Miss Green burger, didn’t have any meat in it; instead, it has lots of beans. The employees also told us they made the bread by frying it, so it tasted like donuts.


Bean burger with homemade fries. Note that the bun is fried. Yum!

There were several things we ordered, and there were all kinds of foods in the restaurant. These included pasta, wraps, and burgers. One of the pastas was the Saffron Porcini Pasta. It smelled like curry, but it tasted like pickles. It was delicious and very special, but it was too sour because there was lemon sauce on it. I felt strange when I ate the meal, because it tasted sweet at first, then it turned sour, but at the end it turned salty.

Another dish was the super fried beans wrap. It was a huge wrap that contains lots of vegetables and beans. It looked very healthy, tasted fresh, but there was one problem: there was too much lettuce. When I bit into the wrap, the lettuce would fall out very easily.


Super fried beans wrap

The last dish was the Miss Green Burger. This was my favorite dish; there was some lettuce around the plate. Between the two slices of bread, were black and yellow beans, which tasted like wheat flakes.

There was also a “Quinoa” salad and a special sauce that looked like sesame and tasted like tomato juice. The French Fries were also extremely tasty. They were a bit salty, but I still liked them a lot.

Miss Green is an excellent restaurant with special meals. They give us new thoughts and feelings about food. The restaurant also give customers healthy and organic options. Next time, when you have a hard time deciding what to eat, Miss Green would be a good choice.


Hanna enjoying her burger.

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