Restaurant Review – Caliburger: Roy Chang – Grade 9

caliburger in taiwan A Caliburger chain. Photo by Ahardeefortm

Caliburger Address: 106, Taipei City, Da’an District, Alley 7, Lane 205, Section 4, Zhongxiao E Rd, #7

People are tired of McDonalds and other cheap, unhealthy, and low quality burgers. Recently, more and more burger joints have opened in Taipei, and one of them is Caliburger.

Caliburger is located off of Zhongxiao E. Road. It is in the so called “The Golden Section” of Taipei, as there is a whole business circle surrounding the area.

Most business or restaurant owners are unknown, but Caliburger has a very famous owner, Taiwanese singer Fish Leong.

When you walk inside Caliburger, you see a big board, which is the menu. There are four kinds of meals served here: the original Caliburger, Calidouble, Cali chicken sandwich, and chipotle chicken sandwich. The meals all come with fries and drink.

Taiwanese people seem to like Caliburger very much, some even say that Caliburger is the best they’ve ever had.

Many people say that Caliburger is similar to the famous chain In n’ Out, which is only located in the western US. However, there is a significant difference between the two fast food restaurants. The Caliburger itself isn’t as thick as In n’ Out’s burger, the tomatoes aren’t as fresh and juicy, and the most important thing is that the beef isn’t as good. Compared to In n’ Out, Caliburger is tasteless, there is no flavorful juiciness in the beef, nor is there flavor in the secret sauce.

The fries at Caliburger are distinctively oily, almost dripping. They are brown, unlike the perfect In n’ Out fries. I wonder if anyone can truly call them “fries”.

Is it worth it? 275 NT for a burger? With 275 NT, you can have the best Japanese food, noodles, even pizza in Taipei. Furthermore,  there are way better burger places in Taipei. It’s not worth it to spend your money on this tasteless, plain, and dry burger. Just don’t.

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