Why are iPhones so overpriced? | Josh Fan – Grade 11

iphone with earbuds iPhones are fashionable but pricey. Do you think they're worth it?
  • For the same price you could get other top-of-the-line phones
  • The same features can be found phones by other brands
  • Apple’s decision to remove standard 3.5 mm jacks has limited customers’ choices in headphones

Millions of people firmly believe that iPhones are the best in the phone world. But is that true? There are a lot of other phone companies that produce the similar or even better quality phones that still manage to cost less. iPhones are overpriced and unnecessary, and here are several reasons why.


A brand new iPhone costs around $25,000-$50,000 NTD, which is a ton of money. With the same money you can get phones that are top of the line from other companies, such as Samsung, Sony, Asus, Xiaomi, etc. What’s more,for the price of two iPhones, you could get a brand new motorcycle iPhones are too overpriced,yet people are still willing to buy them because of Apple’s reputation. Apple has been the top company for a long time, and so unsurprisingly the public believes in their quality But at the end of the day, there are tons of other phone companies that produce better products than Apple does.


Recently, iPhones have made waves with their Face ID lock, but this feature can be found on a lot of other phones which are way cheaper. Apple made their phones waterproof starting with the iPhone 8, but on the other hand, Sony has had waterproof technology since the Xperia Z. Fingerprint scanners were also a big feature that iPhones advantageously touted, but in the recent years the phones they released lack these scanners. The only thing that makes iPhone stand out from other phones is that they use iOS system which Apple designed themselves. Other phones employ the android system so, from a software perspective, there isn’t anything that stands out because all models have the same system.The iOS system doesn’t have that much of an advantage over Android. For example, the app store in iOS has a ton of apps that you need to pay for which Android users can download for free.

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Starting with the basics, designers at Apple chose Gorilla Glass as their material for their screens, which was something that used to give iPhones an edge The thing is, now virtually all other phone companies use the same glass now, so it shouldn’t have a big effect on the price. And while on the topic of screens, Samsung has curved and beveled screens on their recent products that still cost less than iPhones. On the flip side, iPhones’ design makes them look astonishing, but it makes them prone to cracking when dropped. With their recent designs, iPhone decided to remove their headphone jack due to waterproofing purposes, which made iPhones hard to use if a customer wanted another brand of headphones. One of Apple’s most iconic designs is iPhone’s Home Button, but they removed it from the iPhone X.

iPhones are for people who want to brag about how rich they are because, with the same amount of money, they could get better phones from other companies. People have been overhyped on iPhones whenever Apple released a new feature or product, but I think those days are in a rapid decline. iPhones are overpriced and people should think twice before getting one of them.

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