New school, new life: Kevin Chen – Grade 10

new school new life

As we get older we enter an environment where we learn to not only study, but also to have fun — this is high school. School is now a blank slate; new friends and new schedule, it all starts from zero again.

At the end of junior high, we have an important test to judge our learning and improvement over the past three years. This determines the school you can go to. Now here I am in one of the best schools in Taipei — Songshan Senior High.

One of the biggest differences between junior and senior high school are that in senior high we have more interactions with the seniors at school. Another difference is we need to have more self-discipline than in junior high because we are older, so the teachers don’t really direct us anymore.

In senior high school, it is really important to have self-discipline. We are teenagers now and we are responsible for everything we do. Senior high school is the process of becoming an adult, so if we still act childish, then it is really easy to fail the the “social test”.

In high schools like Songshan, although everyone looks like they are having fun, we study hard too. Sometimes we have to wake up at three in the morning and study a few subjects that we are going to have a test on. Learning to play and study at the same time is an idea we have to keep in our brains during our three years of high school.

Compared to junior high school, there are also more clubs in high school. For example there are pop music, sign language, boardgames, biology study, tennis clubs, and so on. Students carefully choose the clubs they want to join in order to show their talent and get to learn about lots of interesting skills and knowledge.

Be open-minded in high school and make many friends. And not only friends in your grade, but also friends older than you. With more activities in and out school, you get to know more people and you can also increase your participation with this big family.

Going to high school might make you nervous and have butterflies in your stomach, but everyone here is enthusiastic and friendly. It’s a new school and new life; it will make you even more confident and also cause tremendous growth in your mind.

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