4 ways that modern technology is negatively affecting kids: Kyle Huang – Grade 7

kids using technology Writers Kyle and Ethan with their 3C devices.

Technology is everywhere! TVs in our houses, phones in our pockets, even the smart-watches on our wrists. It has became an essential part of our lives.

It’s great to have such awesome technologies: a laptop to search on, games on phones to play on when bored, etc. But, it also changes kids’ life and behavior, which causes lots of trouble. For example the blue backlights that electronics produce hurts kids’ eyes and keeps them glued to their seats all day along. Here are four major problems with electronics

1. Keeps kids indoors

Kids used to hang out and go on trips together after school back when PCs or phones didn’t exist, but now because there’s social media, kids stay home causing kids to text each other rather than have real conversations.

Video games are another reason kids stay indoors. We stare at our tiny screens, pulling us into the shadows of myths, forcing our weak minds to focus on them. Thus we are prisoners of our devices.

2. Can become nearsighted

Children often are nearsighted these days, because they spend too much time on their phones for social media or games. Even though some parents limit the time their children use their phones, kids just hide under their covers and find a way to use them at night, which makes them get nearsighted even quicker.

3. Makes kids constantly grumpy and distracted

When doing work, technology is often a big distraction; it tempts you to pick up your phone and just stare at its screen to play games. And you think, “No! I have work to do!” But the phone seems to tell you, “Only using me for a little bit won’t hurt.” Every time you think: “Nah, a little time spent on my phone will do me no harm,” YOU ARE WRONG. That little time will eventually turn into an hour, then another hour, and you can’t put the stupid device down. Then, when your mom finds out that you’ve been fiddling with your phone instead of doing work, she’ll likely yell at you. This obviously makes kids frustrated with ourselves. Another problem is that kids who use electronics for a long time get anxious when the devices are not around.

4.  Affects their relationship with parents

Back when there were no smart-phones, parents taught everything their kids needed to learn, from basic things like language, to hard skills like cooking. But now there are lots of TV programs for learning, which diminishes the chances for children to interact with parents.

Even though technology might be really helpful, it greatly affects kids’ lives, from being nearsighted to changing their attitudes. So, before you lets kids touch electronics, please reconsider.

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