Why the NBA is better than the SBL | Ryan Yu – Grade 8

Taiwan basketball SBL Play in the SBL isn't always the most balanced or fun to watch...
  • The NBA has more talented athletes than the SBL
  • The NBA has more support and better marketing
  • NBA events are overall more interesting

Have you ever watched a basketball game on television? Probably. Have you ever heard of the SBL? Probably not. The SBL stands for the Super Basketball League in Taiwan. You probably know the NBA, the most popular worldwide basketball league, based in America. People watch the NBA like they have an addiction – people around the world talk about these games. So, as a Taiwanese person who loves basketball, I’m listing four reasons why the NBA is better than the SBL.

The NBA has more more experienced and professional players

The NBA is the men’s professional basketball league in North America, and they have a lot of professional players that make the game incredibly interesting. With 30 teams, players from around the world, and very high salaries for players, the NBA is the most competitive league. On the other hand, the SBL only has 7 teams and their matches are far less interesting than the NBA’s because of the less-experienced players. When less talented players refuse to pass the ball or are always breaking rules, it makes the audience moan with impatience. The NBA, on the other hand, makes the game very exciting by featuring tons of impressive layups and shots.

There is more information on the internet about NBA

More people support the NBA and make websites, articles, or even products for the basketball stars they like, while the SBL has only a few websites. I really think the SBL should get working on more articles, magazines, or websites to make themselves known to the outside world to pull in more supporters and fans. For example, take a look at this SBL website and this NBA website. Which one do you think looks better and has more info?

The NBA has more events than the SBL

Would you rather attend the same event over and over, or see something new each year? The NBA has a lot of events like the slam dunk contest, the NBA all-star skill challenge and many more, while the SBL only has dull matches where the less experienced players break the rules or drop the ball. The NBA matches and events are far more interesting than the SBL.

NBA has more products than the SBL

Good players bring fans to sponsor them, and the NBA makes a lot of money every year because of the tickets and the products that they sell. The SBL doesn’t have many products, but instead each team has a company that sponsors them. For example, the Fubon Warriors are owned and funded by Fubon Bank. Even though the SBL teams have sponsors, they make far less money than the NBA.

In closing, the NBA is a lot better than the SBL because the quality of the players and the interesting events. America is a lot bigger than Taiwan, and has better marketing skills, so of course the SBL doesn’t have the money to raise and pay players like the NBA. I think the SBL could improve by making more events that attract sponsors and fans, and by trying to get more foreign players involved so the teams can become more international.

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