Movie Review – Spectre: Brian Tu – Grade 8

James Bond returns in a smashing two-hour action-packed joyride and continues to keep the high standard of the beloved Bond franchise. With an awesome plot, endless action, and stunning stunts, Spectre dominated the box office and caused waves across the globe. Many critics have even been ranking it as the top 007 film ever to be released.

It is plain to see why; not only does it have a quick-paced, interesting story, it also has an intricate and yet clear plot. The story goes on very smoothly, every tiny thing in the movie is like a piece of the puzzle; only when it ends will you see the whole picture. Not only is the movie interesting, it also causes you to think; it is way more than just pure action.

But of course, if you’re looking for lots of action, Spectre will definitely not disappoint. It is filled with action from top to bottom, and every scene is so heart-clinching that it makes you hold your breath. The stunts in the movie are also spectacular, from car chases to plane crashes, it just leaves you in awe.

Throughout the film they travel to many different places and countries that are pure beauty. From the snowy slopes of the Alps to the middle of a Moroccan desert, the landscapes are simply breath-taking.

Another thing that is hard to miss is the cinematography. At the beginning of the movie, there is a scene where James Bond walks from rooftop to rooftop to get to a point to assassinate a member of Spectre. The scene was shot beautifully with a no-cut tracking shot, which is now considered an all-time great moment of the franchise. While Spectre is quite different from the rest of the series, it still has everything a classic 007 movie would have. Having a martini (neither shaken nor stirred, but dirty) in a dining car, with the bond girl in an ivory cocktail gown is something you can still expect to see from the movie.

For sometime fans have debated that the current James Bond (played by Daniel Craig) is the best the franchise has ever seen. And I really do think that he did an exceptional job playing James Bond. He really brings out the secret agent and the classic English gentlemen we’re looking for in this movie; silent, calm, charming, yet extremely deadly.

The movie has everything a spy movie needs – action, fast-paced plot, and gorgeous stunts. It is the perfect choice if you are looking to have a thrilling, awesome two hours.

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