Movie Review: Boss Baby: Estella Tong – Grade 7

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Boss Baby is an American computer animated comedy film. It was released on March 31, 2017 and produced by DreamWorks Animation. It was directed by Tom McGrath and written by Michael McCullers. Boss Baby was based on the children’s book The Boss Baby written by American author, Marla Frazee.

The movie begins by talking about a seven year old boy named Tim Templeton. He is the only kid in his perfect family. However, one day an infant in a suit came to his house from a taxi, and changed his life.

Tim was really jealous and furious because his perfect parents spend most of their time taking care of the strange new member in the family. One night, Tim found out that the baby can actually talk and is the boss of Baby Corp. The baby also explained that he came to the Templeton family for a mission to find out why puppies are getting more love than babies.

Tim hated the baby because he stole all the love Tim’s parents gave him. He tried to get rid of the baby. Then after knowing that the baby will stay with the Templetons forever if the baby’s mission fails, Tim decided to work with him.

It is a cute family comedy movie. The characters in the movie are well-drawn and all of the kids are adorable. Also, the effects are well-made too.

The movie was hilarious most of the time but is sad sometimes too. Also, they made the bad guy look kind of dumb.

You never know who will win, the good guys, or the bad. When the Baby and Tim encounter setbacks, you can’t predict what kind of weird and funny solutions they will use.

Even though the movie is clearly fictional and fantastic, I still really wish a baby will come to my family one day in a taxi. The scenes are really cool and creative. Also, it makes you feel like you’re in a dream.

The movie has a satisfying and surprising ending. I liked this movie and want to recommend that everyone see it, especially people who are fans of comedy animations. Lastly, if you have annoying siblings, or are about to have a new sibling, go watch this movie right now.

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