OpEd: 4 reasons why junior high math is useless | Kyle Huang – Grade 8

taiwan students hate junior high math There is no good reason to study math after elementary school
  • To most students, math classes are torture
  • Math is just way too complicated to learn
  • In modern times, robots and computers can compute math more effectively

Modern junior high students face pressure from everyday school subjects. One particularly evil subject is math. It is basically too complicated and useless.

Many math teachers and parents might think math is an essential subject for kids to learn about in school so they can use it in daily life and their careers. To most of the students, however, math classes are torture. Here are four reasons why:

1. Teachers teach math just to release their pressure on students

The main reason teachers teach math is just to torture the students! Teachers experience pressure all day from parents, work, and the principal. Of course teachers can’t yell at our parents and they certainly can’t yell at the principal to let their pressure out. The only ones they can rage on are the students.

Teachers use math sessions as torture, teaching boring math and making us students fall asleep, then they yell at us for not paying attention. Or they give complicated problems for us to solve so they can put a big “X” on our tests.

2. Useless in daily life

Math classes taught in elementary schools are essential. We use this math all the time: subtractions, addition, etc. However, junior high math completely useless.

Take the “X” and “Y” variables for example. When you pay at a restaurant and ask the waiter the price of your dishes, would they say: “suppose dish A is X, dish B is Y. The price of X is Y+13, while Y=ax+b. solve for X+Y”?

No way! Then no one would ever want to go to that restaurant again! It is just too complicated to think of, and it would make customers think that the waiter is pulling their legs when the waiter could just say the price is 500NT.

But this is what school teaches us junior high students now! If we don’t use it, why do we have to learn it, instead of learning something useful?

3. Too complicated to understand

Math is just way too complicated to learn. The Xs and Ys and all those numbers swim around our eyes, making us dizzy, and just looking at mathematical problems makes us fall asleep.

We need to memorize all kinds formulas to solve questions that don’t matter to us in complicated terms we don’t understand. It is just too hard for our brains to process.

4. No real need to learn this stuff

In modern days, there are robots and computers to do all the hard work for us, and they do it more effectively. That’s why learning complicated math problems is useless.

No matter how fast you can calculate, you could never beat the speed of a computer, which could solve the problem in a flash. Just throw the problems in a computer, and you can get the answer! So what is the point of learning these problems when a computer could easily do it for us?

Math classes are really a waste of time for junior high students. They are not useful, no one really understands the subject, and it basically could be done by computers rather quickly and effectively. We really need to cancel this subject and learn something more useful.

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