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manga in japan Manga is hugely popular in Asia. Image by Doc Sleeve

Many people are interested in manga all over the world. Some people think that it’s just a kind of comic, but it’s so different from traditional comics. Manga comes from Japan, and characters in it are so much cuter than characters in comic books.

People love manga for different reasons. One of them is because of the art style. There are two different kinds of styles in manga. In mangas that are more intense to watch, characters have smaller noses but bigger eyes. Other mangas that are love stories feature characters with faces more like a human beings, but of course with big eyes.

Another reason why people enjoy manga is that the stories and worlds are really detailed. For example, Type Moon is a huge world made of different mangas such as Fate: Stay Night, Fate: Ultimate Blade Works, or Fate: Kaleid Liner. All of these mangas take place in the Type Moon world, but they are not necessarily related. Fate: Kaleid Liner happens in the same world, but because the world is so big, characters don’t even meet each other.

Manga fans will tell you that the stories are really deep. These stories can make you identify with the characters because they’re so real, or similar to real life. For example, in Major, the main character wanted to be a Major League Baseball player. After being defeated a million times, he finally became the best player in the MLB. This kind of story reminds people of their childhoods, so they get really into the story.

Music is a really important part of an anime, or video manga. The lyrics have to be related to the story, or it will be the most uncoordinated anime ever. For most people, they won’t worry about lyrics because they’re in Japanese, but for people who understand anime, lyrics pull them even more into the story.

Having great music, stories, and characters, fans come to love this art form. People may even change their lives after watching because it influences your heart so much. You will cry, laugh, get angry; all kinds of emotions happen while watching manga. This makes people change themselves easily.

Some people have criticisms for manga, like it can influence people to act violently, but the truth is that manga fans don’t have time to kill people because they’re too busy chasing the newest episodes. In seriousness though, according to a study conducted by Professor Carol Tilley at the University of Illinois, kids who watch manga have better reading and writing skills on average. Also, kids can write faster because they use pictures to build their plot. Manga isn’t bad, and it’s probably beneficial.

Manga is a mix of experience, feeling, and art. If we use it in the correct way, it can have a positive impact on the world.

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