Kpop stars vs. Taiwanese stars: a break down | Theresa Liao – Grade 8

Kpop IN2IT Kpop stars from IN2IT strike a pose
  • Kpop stars have to start training from an early age
  • Taiwanese stars’ companies won’t spend as much money on their artists

There are a lot of good-looking stars all over Asia, but the best ones are Kpop stars, and they’re definitely better than Taiwanese stars. People might say that they think they are the same, but actually, there’s a huge difference between them. Here’s why:

Kpop stars have better training than Taiwanese stars.

Kpop stars have to start training from an early age and it is essential that they control their weight. In fact, every month they have a test in which their bosses make sure they’re still young and hot enough to be part of the squad. Taiwanese stars don’t have the same expectations, and train only when they first become stars. Companies in Taiwan aren’t that strict, so the quality won’t meet Kpop standards.

Kpop stars attend more events than Taiwanese stars.

In Korea, there are a lot of different variety shows, and most of them are really interesting, funny, and fresh! By comparison, Taiwan doesn’t really have many variety shows – and the ones we do have are less popular and stale. Almost all Kpop groups or stars will have their own variety show, but Taiwanese stars don’t.

Kpop stars dress better and look better than Taiwanese stars.

Kpop stars’ companies care a lot about their looks, so they spend a lot of money on helping them find the most professional makeup artist and stylists so they can look best for their fans. Compared to their Korean counterparts, Taiwanese stars’ companies won’t spend as much money to make sure they look their best. They do wear makeup too, but fans can see it might not be professionally done.

Kpop companies give more benefits to fans than Taiwanese companies.

This is the real reason Kpop stars have so many fans all around the world – because of Kpop companies make them have world tours so the all the fans have a chance to see them. They also provide promotional materials like posters, cards, and tickets to fan meetings – even for fans who can’t attend concerts. But because of the Taiwanese companies won’t do these kinds of things like world tours, they have fewer fans around the world.

Taiwanese pop music companies should learn from Kpop companies – they could be as professional as the Kpop stars, and they might even get more famous than the Kpop stars. Taiwanese stars have their own charms and are much different than the Kpop stars, so if they had professional companies supporting them, they could be just as successful.

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