Students should have iPads instead of textbooks at school | Estella Tong – Grade 8

student on tablet Should students do more of their reading and schoolwork on iPads, or are they a distraction?
  • Textbooks quickly become outdated
  • iPads give teachers more control
  • iPads are more convenient for projects

As technology gets more and more important in our daily lives, schools are starting to buy iPads as educational tools. Teachers often use iPads to conduct their courses. Some believe that it’s easier to learn by using iPads, however, some adults are against this opinion since they suppose that students might go through other apps during classes. Others think that iPads are too expensive and don’t last long. Though some people think that iPads shouldn’t be an educational tool, students and some teachers still believe that it would improve their learning. So, here are some reasons why kids should use iPads for textbooks in school:

1. Last longer than textbooks

Textbooks don’t last as long as iPads since information inside can become outdated anytime. Every semester, textbook publishers will make changes to books and they’ll have to print them again. When there are extra textbooks, they might get recycled since the textbooks for next semester won’t be the same. Also, not all teachers teach using textbooks. Sometimes, teachers make their own materials which is going to be easier to edit by handing out iPads without printing everything out.

2. Easier for kids to carry

There are lots of materials for kids to bring home to study with these days. However, if all materials are downloaded on iPads, it will not only save paper, it can also decrease the weight of students’ backpacks. Also, when going to different classes, students will have fewer things to carry with them. Furthermore, there won’t be too many textbooks on students’ desks cluttering up a classroom.

3. More convenient when doing reports

Kids will often have to write reports. However, not everyone is good at handwriting which makes some work messy and hard to read. It would be easier to discuss during class using iPads instead of big posters or computers. It is also easier for kids to operate Powerpoint on iPads compared to computers because there are more keys in computers. Also, it is easier to control the screens by using our hands rather than using a mouse.

4. More accessible for teachers to control students

Some students will get bored occasionally so they start going through other pages or start doodling. This situation won’t be seen if teachers use iPads since they can control all the screens or see who’s doing other things with the iPad using the host computer. For this same reason, adults won’t have to worry about students using other apps during courses.

5. Students will enjoy having classes

For kids these days, technology is something that cannot be taken away. So, it would be a groundbreaking idea for students to have iPads take place for textbooks. Students would enjoy having classes using things they like.

According to some research, purchasing iPads for a whole class costs fewer than buying a textbook for everyone. Also, kids enjoy more on having classes using iPads since it’s an important part of their life. It would definitely be a great idea to use iPads for textbooks in school and will improve students’ learning result.

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