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taiwan internet celebs Being an internet celebrity isn't as easy as it looks.
  • Famous internet celebrities are often paid
  • They also get sponsorships

Sitting in front of a camera recording your random life can earn you thousands of dollars every year. Isn’t that a “dream come true?” Well, there is a group of people that live this dream.

Being an internet celebrity is a job where people make videos or write articles about different topics such as video games, makeup tutorials, daily vlogs, and humorous daily news. They publish videos and articles on platforms for people to watch and soon they start getting fans. That’s when they start making money and become famous. Internet celebrities usually have their own channel on Youtube or a website. They normally post at least once a week to keep their subscribers updated on what they have been trying out or with things going on in their lives.

One of the main reasons for internet celebs is they test out new things and share their reviews with people. For example, there’s a restaurant you’ve been wanting to try, but you’re not sure whether it’s worth your time and money to do so. What you need to do is search the restaurant’s name, then you’ll see articles or videos of people’s experiences or opinions on the restaurant. Those reviews help you to decide if you should go to the restaurant or not. Especially for girls that use makeup, there are always new makeup products you want to buy. With internet celebrities trying out the products for you, it saves you lots of pennies and gets you the products that work best for you.

We should all put up a hand and admit that we can’t live our lives without Youtube – well, at least I couldn’t. When you’re at home all alone and you’re kind of freaking the hell out and really need someone to talk to you, just get on Youtube and watch people’s vlogs. Although it’s someone on the screen talking to you, it still helps you feel better and you won’t think there’s a stranger peaking through your bedroom window.

Videos are great entertainment when you feel bored on a cold winter day, or they can give you ideas on how to throw an epic backyard party on a hot summer day. When finals are coming up and you’re too stressed to carry on, there are also videos that teach you how to stay motivated and give you advice on how to get straight A’s but also stay Tumblery. For those who want to marry video games so bad and could die for them, there are also videos that help you pass levels when you get stuck or that teach you sick ways to beat the game.

Once the celebrities become famous, internet platforms will start paying them money in order to thank them for bringing people to their website. They’ll also get sponsored by different companies; they give them free products or pay them to help sell the products, and that’s how they make all the money. Nevertheless, “we” are the main reason that internet celebrities earn money, “we” watch their videos and read their articles, give them “likes” and become their fans to help them gain popularity.

To be honest, I do hope to become an internet celebrity one day; then I can just stay home all day talking to the camera and eat pizza in my pajama pants, but still make lots of money!

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