Why cycling is the best | Tiger Yang – Grade 10

cycling is the best
  • Cycling is more than just traveling, it’s exercise
  • Studies have shown that cycling is an extremely effective way of combating depression
  • Cycling does less damage to the environment than cars or any other type of mechanized transportation

Traveling has always been a great way for people to relax and have fun. However, people mostly travel in cars or public transportation. But there’s a healthier, more enjoyable alternative: bikes. Here’s some reasons why cycling is the best way to travel.

1. Cycling helps you lose weight

Cycling isn’t just traveling, it’s also exercising. You actually have something to do instead of just sitting in a car, feeling constrained. In fact, cycling is definitely the best diet pill you could ever ask for. In this day in age when obesity is taking over, bike rides could be one easy way to solve the problem.

2. Good for psychological health

Cycling makes you happier. Multiple studies have shown that cycling is an extremely effective way of combating depressive feelings. Cycling boosts the production of feel-good chemicals, including serotonin and dopamine. During the ride, you can easily feel stress wearing off and you can feel the peacefulness both inside and outside of you.

3. Very effective vaccine against cancer

In recent years, cancer has been a major problem in Taiwan; it’s been recently reported that 27% of deaths on the island are due to cancer. Cycling can help decrease the risk of cancer. Studies reveal that people who exercise at least 30 minutes every day are half as likely to get cancer as those who don’t. The easiest way to do it? Simply cycle to work every day.

4. Cycling is best because it has low impact on bones

Many kinds of exercise are very harmful to human bones, especially joints, due to friction, impact, and other causes. Cycling however, does very little damage, because it is a low-impact exercise, reducing the stress placed on your joints.

5. Cycling reduces emissions of greenhouse gases

Cycling does less damage to the environment than cars or any other type of mechanized transportation. It takes almost 15 times the space to park a car compared to a bicycle. One of the best aspects of cycling is that bicycles produce zero pollution when traveling, which any other sort of transportation could never achieve. Given the same distance, automobiles consume 25 times the energy than bikes do and that is because bicycles are powered by human’s own strength. Even with electric bicycles, human power still takes up to 70% of the work.

Cycling beats all other forms of transportation. This is also why some countries have developed a better cycling environment, such as the Netherlands. Why not try it and bring your rusted, dust-covered bike out to meet the world.

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