Comparing H&M and Forever 21: Tricia Liao – Grade 9

Photo by Shwangtianyuan

There have been many discount clothing stores opening in Taipei recently. Choosing the better store to shop at can save your time, and also can help you find the best products. Customers and this critic prefer H&M to Forever21.

According to, H&M’s items were rated at 86% positive, while Forever21 received only 65%, which means H&M’s clothes are more durable. I purchased a floral top from H&M about six months ago, and I’ve been wearing it often throughout the summer, and it’s still sitting in my closet, still holding up fine. I also bought a pair of over-alls from Forever21 at about the same time. I haven’t worn them as often as the floral top, but they’re already wearing out and I have to get rid of them.

As for the price, H&M might be a little more expensive, but it has better discounts than Forever21. If you don’t think it’s worth it to spend NT1200 on a dress, then Forever21 may be the choice for you. For the variety in style however, H&M is a better option. Forever21 certainly has a lot of variety, but to be honest, sometimes it can be a bunch of crap.

Considering the quality and range of styles, I prefer H&M over Forever21. H&M isn’t perfect however; the problem is that the staff at H&M can sometimes be rude. Some of H&M’s customers said they wouldn’t return because of issues with some of their staff members. They can be impatient or have really awful attitudes. If you’re the kind of person that likes sturdier clothes and are more organized while you’re shopping, H&M will be perfect for you; if you prefer a cheaper price and more friendly service, then Forever21 is a great choice.

H&M and Forever21 are both nice clothing stores, and everyone will have different opinions about them. The most important thing is to enjoy yourself while you’re shopping, and that you feel happy and confident when you wear the clothes you purchase.

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