Why kids should code: Irvin Fang – Grade 7

kids should learn to code "Learning how to code or program a computer is like speaking another language."
  • Learning how to code turns children from consumers into creators.
  • Inexpensive coding websites and devices are readily available.

Kids love to play video games, which is a good sign that they may have some interest in coding. They can learn how their games are made and will want to learn how to create their own games. They share these games with their friends, and they can play together.

You could start with an easy tool like Scratch from MIT, and it will quickly turn the game player into the creator of games within a few minutes.

If you take a look around the world, computers of all sizes are everywhere. In your house, your car, at your school or work, on the fridge, even in your pockets! We are now living in a world that is filled with computers, so learning how to code or program a computer is like speaking another language.

Not only can you create amazing apps for people to use, you can also use coding to help machines in any type of work, whether it’s medical, industrial, or agricultural.

Children should learn how to code because coding teaches kids how to turn themselves from consumers to creators. Coding teaches kids to solve problems, think critically, and to learn from mistakes. They also learn creativity and teamwork from the process, and most importantly, they have fun while learning how to code.

There are now many inexpensive and cool coding websites and devices everywhere. Schools now offer classes for children to learn coding, letting children practice and share with family and friends. This also gives children a new career option to choose from. If they are really good at coding, then they can become an engineer later on in their lives.

Coding is becoming more and more popular. People are starting to see why coding is important, so they have begun teaching coding to children. Because of this, more and more people will understand the importance of coding. Maybe in the future, kids will start to create, share, and play their own games that they have created.

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