Should students be able to use cell phones in class? | Minnie Chen – Grade 10

cell phones class students Should student be allowed to use their cell phones in class, or is it too much of a distraction?
  • People have become more and more reliant on cell phones
  • Using phones in class is disadvantageous to students’ learning process

Since the invention of cell phones, people use them all the time. We have become more and more reliant on our phones. Also, they have caused a number of people to not be able to live without them. What’s more, a huge percentage of phone addicts are students. This fact shows that students shouldn’t use cell phones when they are in class.

Disadvantages of using cellphone in class

In recent years, almost every student has bought their own cell phone. They bring their phones to school to stay in contact with mom and dad, but they can’t keep themselves from playing on them. They play whenever they want, no matter if it’s during class or not, so they can’t focus on class which always makes the teacher fly into rage. When this happens, teachers take phones away and students get angry too. It’s a vicious circle making students opposed to teachers. The more teachers ban of cell phones, the more students try not to obey the rules.

Not only does using your phone in class make teachers angry, but also has various disadvantages such as phone ringing in class, or tempting students to cheat. Students are easily distracted by their phones and some will keep checking their phone to see if anyone has texted them. If their friends are also online, students won’t care about the class and keep chatting. Some may even watch videos on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube, which leads to even more trouble. When there’s a student watching, the other people around them will also be distracted, which means too many students aren’t listening to the teacher.

When students can use phone in class

Some people disagree and think that students need phones for things like research or calculations, and in some cases they are right. Still, students shouldn’t have permission to use phones until they enter the university. College students have a lot of discussion in class and phones can help with this. For example, they can do quick research when they can’t find information any other way, and they can do simple calculations very quickly time. Thus, their discussion will be more advanced because of more information and more precise data.

Moreover, college students are adults and most of them have more self-regulation. Students who are in elementary school, junior high school, or high school students don’t have so much discussion. Listening to what teachers say is the biggest part of class, so they don’t need to use phones.

School is for education, so it’s a bad idea to put something as tempting as phones into class. It is critical that students be serious in class; they have to concentrate very hard so they can absorb knowledge, which is the reason they go to school.

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