Are cartoons a good influence on children? | Claire Liao – Grade 8

Cartoon disney princesses Do cartoons have a negative influence on young viewers, or can they be positive?
  • There are many positive cartoon characters that have educational value
  • Many characters teach the importance of friendship and acceptance
  • Cartoons can help a child’s speaking ability and vocabulary skills

Children watch cartoons all the time and kids enjoy them very much. When children watch cartoons very often, they may be influenced by them. However, that influence is not always negative.

1. Cartoons can teach children important life lessons

In cartoons, . For example, in the cartoon movie “Cars”, it shows that people don’t win the race at the starting line, and there are many difficult obstacles that you will need to solve in life. Also, cartoons show that if you are doing things that are wrong, you might have punishments, which also tells children you should only do the right things, so they won’t get punished.

2. Cartoons help children know friendship is important

Cartoons can also teach children that friendships are important. In many cartoons, the characters always help each other when they have problems. Children can learn that friends are important and they will treat others better. For example, the cartoon “Peppa Pig” shows that you need to accept others that are different, and try to make friends with them.

3. Cartoons encourage imagination

When children watch different cartoons, they might imagine different themes and think about the imagined stories of different cartoons. Cartoons also use different vivid colors and shapes so children remember them better. In many cartoons, there are characters that don’t really exist. For example, Poli, from the cartoon Poli, is not a real character since it is a car that can talk. The characters let the creators represent what they want to children more easily, and the children comprehend lessons more clearly.

4. Cartoons can improve children’s speech and vocabulary

Cartoons use many new words kids might not have heard, and when children listen to the cartoons, they can learn faster and know how to express their feelings with better vocabulary. Also, some cartoons can also teach people that don’t use English as their first language to learn English faster.

5. Cartoons can help children learn things related to school

In many cartoons, they teach things that are related to education. For example, “Curious George” is a good educational cartoon. It teaches children colors, shapes, and life facts. People should let children watch educational cartoons because they help children learn faster because kids enjoy them more than reading.

Some people think cartoons have a positive influence on children, but others think cartoons have negative influences. However, since there are many positive aspects, cartoons clearly have a good influence on kids.

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