Why you should stop drinking bubble milk tea | Ethan Lin – Grade 8

zhenzhu naicha Sure, bubble tea looks and tastes good, but is it healthy for you and the environment?
  • Bubble tea is packed with sugar
  • Sweetness of the tea can trigger an addiction
  • Bubble tea is poisonous because of the plastic it generates

People should stop drinking bubble milk tea. This sounds absurd, but it is the truth. Although bubble tea is affordable and delicious, it is like a drug; it is unhealthy, it’s bad for the environment, and it’s a waste of money.

An addicting sugar high

First and foremost, bubble tea is packed with sugar. There are 34-65 grams of sugar per drink. The average adult male should take in about 37.5 grams of sugar each day, and women should only eat about 25 grams of sugar. In addition, bubble milk tea contains harmful chemicals like PCBs. According to the EPA, PCBs are linked to neurobehavioral and developmental effects in infants, conceptional failures in the elderly, and can increase the risks of cancer.

What’s more, the mouth-watering sweetness of the tea can trigger an addiction. According to the National Center for Biotech Information (NCBI), dopamine gets released in the brain after an excessive intake of sugar. But if you eat too much sugar, the effect starts to dull. Meaning, the more sugar someone consumes, the more they’ll have to consume later to feel the same effects. The abusive consumption of sugar results in people getting fat. Why be addicted to Bubble Tea when there’s better tasting food in the world?

Your bubble tea kills turtles

Even on an ecological level, Bubble Tea is poisonous because of the plastic it generates. According to National Geographic, 6.3 million tons of plastic never made it to a recycling bin and ended up as waste. Clearly we need to stop littering non-degradable trash into the environment. There are 180 million sales of milk tea annually in Taiwan – that’s a huge amount of trash generated. We can contribute to a healthier environment by boycotting single-use plastics.

And finally, many people buy bubble tea because it is an inexpensive treat. Nevertheless, it’s still a waste of money. Don’t fall for the cheap price listed, it’s an unnecessary luxury in the first place. The money could be better spent on buying more healthier daily meals.

Truly, bubble tea is just like a drug. It is pernicious for our bodies, environmentally calamitous, and unworthy of our consumption. Although not as harmful as a drug, people should cease drinking bubble teas. A healthy body and a clean environment keeps everyone happy!

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