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ios vs android Which operating system do you prefer - Google's Android or Apple's iOS?
  • Apple has always been on the higher end of pricing
  • iOS has a better quality app purchasing experience than Android
  • Android comes out ahead as a system that can handle many mobile systems and doesn’t crash easily

For years there have been two big systems competing in the mobile device market – Android and iOS. People get confused about which is better, but the truth is, it depends on personal preferences. Both of the systems are great quality, but it really depends on your personal needs to decide which is better.

1. Price

In terms of price, Apple has been the only company that uses iOS and their pricing has always been on the higher end out of all brands. For example, their latest product the, iPhone X costs $1000USD. On the other hand, you have a variety of options to chose for Android, and also you can find the operating system in both inexpensive and pricey gadgets. iOS also has more apps that cost you money, but Android has tons of free apps that you can use. You can get an Android phone that doesn’t even cost half of the money an iOS phone does and have it work as well as iOS.

2. App Store vs. Google Play

There are two different ways these systems sell apps, iOS uses the App Store and Android has Google Play. Both of them have a variety of apps but in total Google Play has 3.5 million apps while the App Store has 2.2 million. However, having more apps doesn’t mean that it’s better, and there’s a huge amount of big software companies who release apps to iOS first rather than Android. However, some developers are starting to aim at Android for their marketing. Ultimately, iOS has a better quality app purchasing experience than Android.

3. Apps

In designing apps, iOS wins for sure. Developing an Android app takes twice as much or even more than the time for developing an iOS app. Furthermore, Android apps usually have more bugs. For security, iOS has Apple ID and all kinds of biometric ways to make sure that it’s the owner who’s downloading apps, but Android has only a simple password security system to protect it. iOS has more strict rules on apps than Android so that way they can make sure that the customers get apps of superb quality. Overall apps in iOS have better reviews.

4. Updates

iOS has seen 11 updates while Android only has 8.1 updates. Each update means there’s a new feature or they fixed some bugs that they found, which means that iOS has fixed more bugs and has more features than Android. Some older phones that use Android can’t use the latest software, so developers focus on the newer phones but Apple keeps most of their old phones updated to the latest versions. Software update is an important feature for any phone. System update shows how much the company cares about their system.

5. Voice assistants

iOS systems have their own AI or voice assistant known as Siri. On the other hand we have Google’s AI in Android’s phone. Both of them do related tasks to make your life easier, but Google’s AI is more user friendly. It can interact with you more and even give you useful suggestions. Siri is more of a simple AI, but they work the same way, and they both help you a lot.

6. Brands

As for brands, only one brand uses iOS and that is Apple. There are tons of brands that use Android however. For example, Samsung, Sony, HTC, Huawei, and tons of others use Android’s system. The variety of brands make them compete with each other so they can try to develop more and try to become the best. When you become top of the line, customers will want to use your product more. So in this section iOS takes the loss because of a lack of products.

7. User friendliness

If you want a system that can handle a ton of apps and work well the first day you get your device, then you should get an iOS. If you want a system that can handle mobile systems and doesn’t crash easily, get an Android. Both of the brands are suited to do different things, so it all comes down to what do you prefer more. Each system has its own unique way of handling issues. Both of them are typically user friendly.

These two systems were developed after years of research and updates so both of them are outstanding. There is no way to decide which is better, the only way is by your personal perspective. Systems are hard to develop and so therefore both of them are going have some flaws that they haven’t found yet. Finally the most important way to measure which system is best all depends on your preference; there’s no best or worst, they are both developed by top tier tech companies.

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