6 best Taipei activities to fit in like a local | Carson Hu – Grade 10

youbike taipei ride Getting around Taipei on a YouBike is inexpensive, convenient, and a fun way to see the city.
  • Many landmarks in Taipei are easily accessible by public transportation
  • The riverside is a great place to to take a break
  • Taipei has no shortage of exhibitions

Many tourists wonder where to visit and how to act in order to not look like a complete stranger when traveling. In order to avoid this in Taipei, here are six things to do to help you blend in.

1. Travel around the city on public transportation

Taipei, being the capital city of Taiwan, has the best transportation system on the island. By taking the MRT or buses, you can travel to many famous attractions such as Ximen, the National Palace Museum, and Taipei 101. Just go get an Easy Card and start traveling. Public transport is available from 5AM to midnight.

2. Hanging out by the river

The Danshui River flows through the city and the local government has done a great job of transforming the riverside into a place for people to picnic and play sports. Come to the riverside during the evening and play some basketball with locals or just sit on the benches and enjoy the breeze. The riverside is a great place to take a rest in this fast-paced city.

For famous tourist attractions near the river, Tamsui and Bali are famous for beautiful scenery and delicious seafood. Another place to visit close to the river park is Muzha where you can fly kites and play sports.

3. Hang out at Ximen and Taipei Main Station

Maybe you prefer to act like a teenager in Taipei. If so, you can go to Ximen and the Taipei Main Station area, both of which are full of arcades and clothing stores. These are great places for you to kill time and hang out with friends. Just make sure to bring enough money because it’s not always cheap at these places.

4. Go to different exhibitions

Having more than a couple international exhibition centers, Taipei is full of all kinds of exhibitions. Be sure to check out the Taipei World Trade Center and Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center because these are where most exhibitions are held.

For example, Computex Taipei was held on June 5th to 9th and the Taipei International Furniture Exhibition was June 15th to 18th. Taipei is going to have more than twenty exhibitions this summer alone, so go to Taipei World Trade Center for further information.

5. Eat at night markets

All visitors to Taipei need to check out the night markets. Go to Raohe Street Night Market or Shilin Night Market for famous restaurants. What’s even better is to trail off to minor streets and find out hidden stands and restaurants, because these are usually the best and the cheapest.

6. Ride YouBikes

If you want to try out a cleaner way to travel on the road try out YouBike, which is a public bike-sharing system. After getting an Easy Card, you can travel in Taipei in anytime, anywhere.

If you are short on things to do as a tourist in Taipei, just look at the list above. There are countless events waiting for you. Join them and you will have an unforgettable trip in Taipei.

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  1. Hey, this was cool. Thanks for posting!

  2. lookingforviolet // July 9, 2018 at 1:23 pm // Reply

    For more hipstery/artsy exhibitions one can also pay a visit to Huashan 1914 Creative Park or Songshan Cultural Park 😉

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