5 things you didn’t know about cram schools in Taiwan: Hanna Hsu – Grade 8

Taiwanese students at work in their cram school. Photo by Everlong

There are many cram schools in Taiwan. Families often send their kids there. Still, you may never know that these five things happen at cram schools.

1. You have to stay there for hours

Parents send their kids to cram schools because parents don’t have time to pick them up when they finish regular school. If this is the reason for you being in cram school, then you are going to stay at that dumb place until your parents finish work, and it’ll be eight or nine. You will stay there for hours and hours because regular school ends at four. Four hours is a long time for students; we could do lots of things, not just sitting in the same place and only doing homework.

2. Teachers treat students unfairly

I know, not only teachers in cram school do this, but in cram school you can feel it as soon as you walk in. On your first day at cram school, teachers treat you like a queen. However, after a few weeks you can feel teachers’ attitudes change completely on you. They shout just because you get B’s on your tests or because you did not put your shoes away nicely. Meanwhile you can see teachers treat the new-comers nicely.

3. You will have tests every class

Some people say tests can help you know how much you understand, so it’s no big deal if you get low scores. But, in students’ eyes, parents put big hopes on them; they have to get a good score, and this means they will study very hard to make sure parents don’t feel disappointed. If you have cram school every day, you’ll have a lot of pressure because you need to study for their tests and your regular school’s tests. That’s at least two tests a day and two good scores.

4. There are many couples in cram school

Some cram schools don’t have couples, but some have a lot! Having couples in class a serious problem for students. First of all, couples sit together all the time, and talk during class. They like to hold hands and walk out together; sometimes you can even catch them kissing! These intimate actions make other students feel uncomfortable.

5. Classes that have large amount of people aren’t really good for students

Classes in Taiwan’s cram schools usually have ten to thirty people. Sometimes, however, they can get to sixty! In fact, these classes become student chat rooms. Even if you are only absent once, you will fall behind because teachers can’t slow down the speed only for you.

Of course, not all cram schools are like this. Find yourself a cram school that fits you – it may be important if you need help in that area!

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