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biology club frog Observing frogs in biology club.

Have you ever actually seen and made contact with animals, plants when learning about nature? If you haven’t had the opportunity in your everyday life, you should join the biology club. Here’s why:

1. Caring for animals that you are fond of

For those who are not allowed to keep pets or go near them, it is a chance you can not miss. In the club, we have a variety of animals. For instance, there are snakes, turtles, lizards, bunnies, and some other animals you won’t meet in your daily life. After school, you can come to the biology classroom and give a hand taking care of the animals and build a relationship with them.

2. Learn extra biology knowledge outside textbooks

What we can learn in the club differs from what we get in school lessons. Here, we pick up skills and knowledge that can be used in our life and even in jobs.

Every week during club classes, the seniors pass on knowledge of different topics about different parts of biology. For example, there are classes about psychology, medical science, animals, plants, and insects. For animal class, we learnt how to handle a situation when we see wild birds injured and how to take care of them.

biology club frog

They won’t actually give you warts

3. Gather and discover creatures at night

In order to study animals we don’t stay in a classroom, sometimes the crew wanders about the forests, rivers, and between the sounds of birds and insects. Discovering plants and bugs helps to inform us about their habitats and skills. What we enjoy the most is gathering insects as specimens.This helps with observing their body structures and understanding their biology.

4. Experience dissecting different species

Dissecting helps us find out what’s inside the animals rather than what we usually see on the outside. For people who are actually going to dissect or conduct a surgical operation on a human body, knowing how to dissect an animal is quite important. Frogs are commonly used in dissection. We dissect fish for experiments as well. To not waste a little life, it’s crucial to learn how to dissect them. While dissecting, club teachers and seniors assist us throughout the process and tell us how each of the creatures’ organs works.


Snails are cute?

5. Make friends easily and do activities together

Even though it’s not a performance-based club, biology club is just as popular. Though the students here are not as famous as others, and we are not as outgoing, we make friends easily. Every member is part of a big family. Instead of hanging out with our classmates, we do activities together with the people in the club.

Living on the same planet with the animals, it’s not only vital to interact with them but also to understand them. People might think this club is totally academic if they haven’t joined, but you’ll find out it’s more than just knowledge you can get.Therefore, why not join this meaningful and colorful club?


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