5 Reasons Why K-pop Is So Popular | Claire Liao – Grade 7

k pop korea music taiwan K-POP has taken Asia, and the world, by storm.
  • K-pop songs are designed to be catchy
  • Idols are usually trained for years before they produce their own music and albums
  • Korean stars are known for their looks

Korean Pop, or K-pop, is popular everywhere in the world, and you can often hear it on the streets and on the radio. For people that aren’t really into K-pop, they might not understand why it is so popular. Here’s why:

1. The Songs Are Addicting

If a song is catchy, people want to listen to it again and again, and they will share it with others. When a song is shared with many people and is listened to many times, lots of people will know about it, and then the singers will be famous. People are willing to listen to music that is catchy, and the tunes will be stuck in your head.

In the songs, they will sing the chorus again and again, and the tune of the chorus is usually soothing to listen to, and that is why the music is addicting. For example, the song “TT” by a group called Twice, is very catchy because in the song, they sing the line “Just Like TT” over and over again, and people will remember the tune easily.

2. The Music Videos Are Cool

K-pop music usually has music videos, and the singers and record companies really put in a lot of effort to make them. They have a lot of different costumes, and that makes the music videos (MVs) more attractive. There are also stories in the music videos, and they usually have connections with the song. After seeing a story in the music video, people are going to watch the video without getting bored, and at the same time, they can better understand the song.

The MV for the song “Peekaboo” from the group Red Velvet is very cool because it is thrilling and it isn’t the usual way of making a MV.

3. The K-pop Singers Are Trained Well

K-pop idols are usually trained in their studio or company for years before they produce their own music and albums. This causes the music to be good, and they can gather fans easily in a short amount of time. Also, they are trained to dance, so they can dance very well after training for years.

For example, the company JYP has a new boy group called Stray Kids. The members of the group are mostly ready to produce their own music, but the producer still thinks they need to improve. Some of the members that are too weak will be kicked out of the group.

4. They Are Talented And Skilled

The people that are in K-pop groups are usually talented or trained on their singing and dancing skills, so depending on their skills and how they are talented, they will be trained in different groups. And until they are good enough to really be an idol, they will practice their skills and improve their weakness.

The average time for trainees to become a real K-pop star is 2 to 4 years, and that is with people that actually are talented with singing and dancing.

5. The People Are Good Looking

The first impression of a person is their appearance, so people that are good looking can gain a lot of attention, and when a idol is good looking, people want to know who they are. After knowing who they are, people might want to listen to their song and start noticing them, and the group might get famous.

The K-pop star Irene from Red Velvet is famous or her look, and people know about this group because of her, which helps make the rest of the group famous.

Since there are a lot of good things about K-pop, no wonder why people like it so much.

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